Masticating juicers for Wheatgrass Juice

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Browse our range of masticating juicers for wheatgrass from leading brands

Wheatgrass juice consumption is on the up, which is hardly surprising. It's a complete food, you can grow your own organic crop in your back garden or even on a window sill and most people feel better and more energised after their very first shot. Mother Nature has got a self-seller on her hands! Here are some machines that we feel particularly suit juicing the green super-juice as well as other leafy greens. If you'd like to find out more about wheat grass read our blog.

Use a masticating juicer for wheatgrass

All these juicers are selected for their ability to effectively juice wheat grass, a high fibre juicing favourite, these juicers also make sense if you are looking to juice other high fibre or ‘stringy’ produce, for example celery.

At the top of the tree is the Angel Twin Gear Juicer this juicer remains the highest yielding juicing machine on the planet, a title that it has held for over 10 years. The super precise monster gears in this massive juicer crush wheat grass so effectively it is hard to beat! Monster size and price though, so be sure it’s right for you! A beautiful juice extractor almost entirely made from stainless steel.

The Omega VSJ Vertical Slow Juicer is a vertical slow juicer that will do a good job on wheat grass and on other more typical produce. When juicing wheat grass in a vertical slow juicer, be sure to read our blog post on the best way to ‘drive’ the juicer. Some vert or upright juicers can struggle and block up with high fibre juicing like wheat grass or celery so make sure the extractor you select can handle it!

The Omega Sana single auger juicer is a really classy product from the Omega stable. Amazing build quality and about as refined and advanced as the horizontal single auger juicer can be.  Top level take on the horizontal layout single auger juicer. The horizontal layout juicer doesn't have the gravity assisted feeding of the vertical slow juicer, but it does have an advantage in that it ejects the pulp out of the front of the juicer in an uninterrupted straight line. This is what makes the horizontal style juicer a good bet for juicing high-fibre produce.

Juice Producer masticating juicer

The Juiceproducer KT2200 vertical slow juicer is here because it is a super precise vertical slow juicer able to juice wheat grass well. The simple trick to use when juicing wheat grass in a vertical slow juicer is to mix the produce up. A handful of wheat grass followed by half a carrot will keep the juicer happy and give it something to ‘chew’ on, keeping the juicing and pulp ejecting smooth. You can read our blog post on getting the best from your vertical or upright juice extractor here!

The Omega 8000 series juicers were Omega’s top horizontal single auger juicer before the Sana range appeared. They are still a top performing single auger wheat grass juicer just without the pizzazz of the Sana range. Super precise and super neat the horizontal style juice extractor can seem somewhat over shadowed by the rise of the vertical or upright juicer. However, for hard core health juicing of celery, wheat grass, leafy greens, root vegetables and more the horizontal single auger machine will just work and keep on ejecting the rough, tough pulp easily!

The Matstone 6 in 1 juicer is the go to wheat grass juicer for many juice bars and cafes rock solid performance, simple to use and clean and with economical spares and parts. You can see Matstone 6 in 1 masticating juicers working all over the country, churning out wheat grass shots all day long as the healthy juice bar revolution continues.  The Matstone juicer is a firm favourite of ours, a great looking stylish juicer that delivers great performance at a great price.  A great all round juicer.

Add wheatgrass to your juicing lifestyle

Wheat grass is an incredibly nutritious juice to drink. It is a whole food, that means on it's own wheat grass has a broad enough range of nutrients to sustain life. Juicing wheat grass effectively takes a special type of juicer the machine needs to be tough, precise and able to eject the rough pulp easily.

Growing your own wheat grass can be incredibly satisfying but do not underestimate the level of effort and technology that goes into growing highly nutritious wheat grass. Most professional wheat grass growers are using elaborate hydroponic systems that ensure all possible nutrients and elements are available in the solution for uptake by the plant.

We used to grow our own wheat grass here at Juice producer but eventually we realised that if the soil or growing medium doesn’t have the nutrients in it, neither will the plant. After years of trying we eventually conceded that top quality wheat grass growing is probably better off in the hands of the professionals! We now grow leafy greens like kale at home as they are less demanding to grow!

If you need any help choosing a juicing machine then please contact us here at Juice Producer.