Vertical Slow Juicers and Fruit Juicers


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Browse our range of low RPM vertical fruit juicers

Since it arrived on the juicing scene in 2009 the vertical slow juicer has revolutionised the juicing industry. Vertical fruit juicers offer a large feed tube and the assistance of gravity to ensure that your juice maintains all the nutrients throughout the easy juicing process. Read on to find out more about vertical fruit juicers or browse our full range today.

The vertical slow juicer gives us gravity assisted juicing and larger feed tubes while staying faithful to genuine low rpm cold press juicing. The leading juicers in this class are now super precise, offering spectacular yields and super dry pulp. The layout of the vertical slow juicer ensures that the machine performs as well on root vegetables and leafy greens as it will on soft fruits and vegetables.

Fruit Juicer Technology

The latest vertical slow juicers all have ultra-slow running speeds of between 86-47 rpm ensuring maximum nutrient preservation within the juice. This gives great tasting fruit juice, and of course great long term value from your juicing produce. The juice made by this method can also be successfully stored in normal flasks or even in vacuum juice storage jars which enable you to suck the air out of the closed jar allowing juice to last longer. The most modern vert designs also sport a twin blade auger that allows the fruit juicer to take two bits of the fruits and vegetables on every turn, increasing feed though rate but without raising turning speed.

Many of the latest vertical slow juicers offer a grinding and homogenising function with the Juiceproducer KT2200 juicer offering a second bowl that turns the juicer into a bespoke grinding and homogenising tool. This makes the juicer flexible and able to make sauces, baby foods, purees, ice creams and more whilst also enabling the milling of nuts and seeds. The latest vertical slow juicers really are very precise indeed giving great high yield extraction and even eclipsing the performance of the mid-range twin gears.

Leading Brands from Juice Producer

Greenis are based in China, a manufacturer of competitive vertical slow juicers and blenders, their products are breaking through into a very competitive area of the juicer market and establishing a great reputation. The F-9010 vertical slow juicer is a great performing juicer with matching looks.

The Greenis F-9010 vertical cold press juicer is supplied with three juicing screens, a coarse, fine and blank grinding screen it also has a juice stopper valve and a Tofu making kit. We subjected our sample juicers to every endurance test possible and are pleased to say that the Greenis F-9010 Juicers are tough and precise.

Most of the upright juicers on the market come with a range of parts too, typically a coarse screen to make soup or smoothie thickness fluids and other neat parts like a juice stopper valve allowing the mixing of juices in the bowl.

What to look out for when buying a vertical fruit juicer

Buying a decent upright or vertical slow juicer means making a reasonable price commitment as the cheaper machines can lack precision, reducing juice yield and dumping a lot of pulp in the juice. This makes for a pretty disappointing user experience. While the higher quality machines are very precise, extract a very high percentage of available juice and deliver a nice clean, bit free, cold pressed end product.

Some vertical slow juicers are multiple purpose, doubling up as grinder-homogenising tools as well. Most simply supply an un-perforated or blank screen that allows the juicer to mash all the produce up and pump it out of the pulp outlet without separating out any juice. Some extractors like the KT2200 have a second bowl that turns the machine into a bespoke grinding and homogenising tool. This style does not have the physical restriction of the small pulp outlet to hamper its performance.

If you need any help or have questions about vertical slow juicers then contact us here.