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Our range of the best twin gear juicers available

Twin gear juicers work by having two long cylindrical gears rolling together, the fruit and veg get squashed between them, the juice runs through the small gaps and the pulp stays on top to be ejected by the worm drive style front ends of the gears

A well-made juicer of this style is hard to beat on yield as nothing can beat the tolerances achieved by the two gears meshed together, and of course, these juicing machines are cold press or low rpm which gives you maximum nutrition in your juices.

With twin gear juicers bigger really is better in that big diameter gears get better traction on fruits and vegetables, making the juicer more flexible and capable in the range of produce it can effectively juice, most twin gears are also multi-purpose being able to grind and homogenise too. High precision, superb yield, maximum extraction! Welcome to twin gear juicing!

The Angel twin gear juicer is still the best yielding juicer on the planet, a title it has held for over 10 years now when you see and feel the pulp that comes out of this juicer it is hard to imagine a machine that will squeeze any more juice from your produce. There is some thought that the ultra-precise juicing from the Angel stainless steel twin gear penetrates the hard to reach cells within tough leafy greens like kale and wheat grass, releasing another complete wave of nutrients from deep within the structure of the leafy greens. A benefit that many Angel owners talk about with some enthusiasm, swearing that juice always tastes better from a twin gear!

If you go to the trouble of growing your own wheat grass or other leafy greens then a twin gear juicer will definitely pay off. After going to all the trouble of growing it seems counterproductive to extract the juices with anything less than a market leading twin gear like the Angel. The other factor or relevance with most twin gear juicers is that the gears tend to be machined out of solid stainless steel; this means the juicer is as precise on day one as it will be on year ten!

A quality twin gear juice extractor is a very robust piece of equipment, generally the running speed of the machine will be between 80 and 120 revolutions per minute meaning a gearbox is used to achieve this speed. This protects the main motor from the variable loads of crunching through produce. A well made juice extractor will give years and years of great service.

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