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Buying a dehydrator for your home opens up a whole new world of exciting health food and snacks, making using the simplest preservation process ever invented, that of air drying produce and meats to increase shelf life. With a simple home dehydrator you can maintain the nutritional integrity of your home made healthy snacks and treats like fruit leather. Dehydrators work in a very easy to understand way, they use a heater coil and  air fan in tandem to lift internal temperature and to circulate air to speed up the drying process. This controls all the variables associated with sun or air drying. All our dehydrating equipment will handle a wide variety of produce and meats so you can even make your own jerky or biltong.

There are two obvious types or styles of dehydrator, the draw style and the stacking type. Generally the more expensive dehydrators tend to be of the drawer style these are more elaborate and more costly to manufacture. The drawers slide in and out of the main housing and the fan and heater element are housed in the back of the unit. This design lends itself to even air distribution throughout and gives very controllable, predictable dehydrating results. The second style is the stacking type of dehydrator, these tend to be cheaper and have stacking layers that build up the surface area of the dehydrating space. The slight compromise is the fan and heater are generally in the bottom or chassis moulding of the unit, this results in warmer, drier air in the bottom of the dehydrator that rises to become cooler and more humid. An easy way to use this effect to your benefit is to place the things you want more dried out at the bottom or the thicker slices at the bottom so the end results are even.?

The L’equip filter pro is an interesting member of the stacking class of dehydrator as it has a central chimney stack design to aid air circulation and give class leading performance from the stacker design of drying machine. The Filter Pro also has a neat air filter and digital control to give time and temperature control and to prevent dust or dander from entering the machine.

?The King of the dehydrating world is without doubt the excalibur range of drawer style units, these machines are impressively made and have both timer and thermostat so you can set up your dehydrator with instructions for a specified temperature and run time then you can carry on with your day! Great news if you have solar power on your roof or other renewable energy so you can use that to power your healthy snack making! Tribest are an amazing, leading manufacturer that offer a range of really professional stainless steel dehydrators that look great and perform really well. With this level of machine you can even start your own healthy snack business!

if you need any help choosing a new dehydrator for your home or business then please contact us here.