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Rhino Blender

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Rhino blender spares and parts

Rhino commercial blenders were our in house professional smoothie makers before we offered the Bartec range. Although we no longer sell the high powered Rhino blender we still offer spare parts including drive sockets, cutter assemblies and spare jugs.

A high powered blender or smoothie maker is an essential piece of kit if you want to fully embrace the raw food, high nutrition, low calorie lifestyle. Commercial specification smoothie makers have thick stainless steel blades that take a lot of power to drive round but they do thoroughly liquidise the contents of the jug quickly and into a nice smooth fluid.

What juicer will suit you best?

When looking at the blender or smoothie maker market we would recommend trying to buy a blender with a two litre jug and at least 1 kilowatt or 1000 watts of motor power. This will ensure that the blender will do all jobs quickly and with minimum fuss. Wipe clean switch panels are a good idea as the odd spill is hard to avoid.

If you are looking at a smoothie maker for the work environment then please bear in mind that they can be noisy so if you are making drinks within earshot of your customers then consider a blender with a sound cover like the Bartec 728 blending station.


If you would like to talk to us about blenders or smoothie makers please contact us