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L'equip juicers, smoothie makers and dehydrators

L'equip are a worldwide brand of high quality health appliances with a reputation for innovation L'equip also plant trees to offset their carbon footprint as part of the Arbor Day Foundation. The l'equip range of health orientated home appliances has evolved over the years to keep offering leading machines.

L'equip brought us the famous mini 110.5 centrifugal juicer, this was a superbly precise neat little juicer that was very popular for its robust nature and impressive performance. This was then replaced by the 215 XL centrifugal juicer that had all the precision of the mini but with a whole fruit feed tube able to take whole apples without the need for cutting and preparation of produce. The 215 XL also sports an uprated 600 watt motor needed to power through whole produce easily. Another great benefit with L'equip is the availability spares and parts so you can keep your juicer or smoothie maker in great shape.

L'equip also offered the Visor 509 Single Auger juicer some years ago, then this was replaced by the L'equip Omni juicer an advanced cold press juicer that is very robust and easy to use. A great multi-purpose juicer that will do a great job of juicing leafy greens like wheat grass.

Leading smoothie makers from l’equip

L'equip also make blenders like the 228 which was a firm favourite with everyone because of its speed control dial and neat little rev counter. The 228 smoothie maker has now been replaced by the RPM blender with its monster 3.2 Horsepower motor and full digital control. 

Alongside these great products L'equip have also offered dehydrators for food and snack preservation these have now evolved into the excellent Filter Pro stacking dehydrator with digital thermostat.

Single auger juicers like the L’equip Omni process everything effectively before pumping out nice dry pulp at the front of the juicer. The best way to evaluate a juicer is to have a look at the pulp as well as the juice. Ideally it is nice to have nice vividly coloured cold pressed juice and tightly packed bone dry pulp. This lets you know that the juice quality is there and that the juicer is extracting the maximum possible amount of juice from your expensive fruit and vegetables.

Alongside the juicers and smoothie makers L’equip also offer a neat and modern stacking dehydrator, the filter pro dehydrator. This clever design incorporates digital temperature and time control. It also has a central chimney or air flow opening down through the middle of the drier which helps to circulate air flow and create even drying.

If you need any help choosing from the L'equip range of products please contact us