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Kuvings – the leading maker of whole fruit feed tube juicers

Kuvings manufacture a range of high quality juicing machines and blenders with an impressive focus on innovation and progress. The B6000 vertical slow juicer was the first vert to have a whole fruit feed tube, the greatest innovation in juicing since the first cold pressed juicer. T

The first whole fruit feed tube vertical cold press slow juicer was brought to market by Kuvings. Since it’s introduction, new versions have been continually improved to offer better more precise tolerances between working components with the result of greater flexibility, higher yield and lower pulp levels or 'cleaner' juice.

Being a slow or low rpm, cold press juicer the Kuving B6000 vertical juicer produces the very best pressed juice from a huge variety of produce and with gravity on its side, the juice processing speed is rapid and easy with the pusher only needed if an item of produce becomes lodged in the large feed tube. Wheat grass and other leafy greens are also easy to juice.If you need hints and tips on getting the best from your vertical slow juicer then read our blog post.

Kuvings – the leading maker of whole fruit feed tube juicers

The juice you make can also be stored for up to 24 hours or even longer in juice storage flasks that you can pump the air out of.

One huge advantage of high quality juicing machines like the Kuvings 6000 range is their environmental credentials, the machines themselves are incredibly robust with long working lifespans. They are powered by very small electric motors in the 200 watt to 350 watt range, this means they consume very little electricity. Great for our shared home planet Earth and surely, high quality equipment that performs superbly is great for the customer too.

The vertical juicing machine is also easy to maintain with a few working parts of relatively simple size and shape, you can also pour a jug of water through the juicer to partially clean it. We also recommend finishing your juicing session with a carrot or two to ‘scrub’ through the juicer and remove the more wet and sticky produce that may adhere to the inside of the lid, for example. 

The Kuvings B6000 vertical slow juicer can also homogenise and mince produce with the optional extra accessory pack. If you need any help choosing a Kuvings or any other brand of juicing machine then please contact us.