The Leading Commercial Juicers Including the Exciting Bio Press


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Commercial or industrial juicers, these are all professional level juice extractors for serious juicing


The world of commercial juicers has many wonderful machines in it from heavy duty citrus juicers, to industrial centrifugal juicers that can weigh 30 kgs and can produce hundreds of litres of juice per hour.

Professional equipment is made to take the work load, this is what makes these machines so exciting, with high quality commercial juicers and blender on your side you can improve the health prospects of an entire town!

There is a juicing explosion underway in the UK and around the world as people fully embrace the simple idea that consuming more fruits and vegetables in an easy to digest way through juicing and blending. The raw food or juice bar movement is now accompanied by the rise of the home delivery juice business where the demand for fresh, cold pressed juices is supplied by companies that cold press juice, bottle it up and deliver it to your door to save the time involved in juicing at home.

Commercial juice machines for industrial juicing

Commercial juicing equipment affords you many business opportunities from a pop up juice bar to a home juice cleanse delivery service or just adding fresh healthy juices and smoothie to the menu at your school, place of work, cafe, restaurant or bar. There will be an increase in interest and trade if you advertise that fresh pressed organic juices are on sale. Professional level equipment is also incredibly high quality and engineered to last even in the most demanding commercial environment.

New to the professional cold press juicer market is the Bio Press Juicer a large capacity cold press juicing machine capable of producing hundreds of litres per hour of the best quality cold pressed juice. This exciting machine uses a mulching device to first prepare the produce for juicing then a hugely powerful twin hydraulic ram press squeezes the available juices out with no spinning or centrifugal motion, guaranteeing the best possible juice quality and yield. This is the perfect juicing machine for the next level of juice manufacturing it will effectively juice all produce and has the strongest hydraulics on the market.

Professional centrifugal juicers

Most other types of commercial general purpose juicer tend to be large centrifugal style machines, these units are compact in comparison to the Bio Press Juicer and have a rapid juice production rate, their drawback is that they make a centrifugally produced juice that cannot be stored and must be consumed straight away. However if you are at an event or occasion then these are the machines you need to produce lots of juice very quickly, just be warned that when compared to cold pressed juicing the efficiency and juice quality is not there.

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