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A selection of our favourite books on health and nutrition

We offer a range of books on juicing and smoothie making to support you on your nutrition and juicing health journey, if your motivation falters then dipping back into a highly stimulating book to refresh yourself about the power of juicing and eating in a high nutrition, low calorie way can be all you need to set you back on track.

We’ve all learned about the benefit of using a juicer and blender or smoothie maker as a set of simple tools to unlock and deliver a health-boosting amount of naturally occurring, easy to assimilate, digest and most importantly benefit from natural nutrition!

But even here at juiceproducer we can get bored of the cleaning up and general effort require in the commitment involved with juicing!

That’s when we pick up a book or flick on a DVD that reminds us of the all the amazing success stories and the power of maximising your nutrition.

The topic of weight loss and slimming is easy with juicing, when conducting a daily juicing and smoothie making lifestyle, your nutrition levels are so good that any hunger pangs related to mineral or vitamin deficiency can be reduced so effectively that you can safely lose a couple of pounds of body fat a DAY, and if you maintain the healthy habit you’ll keep the weight off too.

One of the first things people notice when they adopt a juicing and blending lifestyle is better skin condition, clearer eyes and improved nail and hair vitality.

As the improved levels of nutrition enter your blood stream and are transported round your body they will reach your extremities, which can sometime suffer if your diet is poor and literally start to rebuild them from the inside out!

In the UK our government recommend 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day, why not re-mix that number into 25 and see what the effect is on your body, energy levels and most importantly the potential for what the rest of your life can be!! Get juiced!!!