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These ingredients will help speed up your recovery following any race

The London Marathon will take place this Sunday 24 April and for those taking part it will be the climax of many months hard training. If you’re lining up on the start line in Greenwich you’ve probably got your pre-race meal schedule planned out to the calorie. However, what you might not have thought about yet is your recovery. Luckily Juice Producer have got you covered. Throw some of these ingredients in your juicer, blender or smoothie maker for a great post-race recovery in the days following your marathon.

Milk – an old favourite

Milk can often get a bad reputation, but the truth is it’s the oldest recovery drink on the market. Many studies have been conducted over the years on the benefits of milk and it’s suggested that not only does milk help rehydrate post-race, but it will also help repair any damage caused by the exercise itself. Milk based smoothies can taste nice with bananas or frozen fruits, simply throw the ingredients into your smoothie maker.

Run kale through your Juicer

You might have heard kale referred to as a “super-food” on more than one occasion before, well it’s for good reason. Packed into its leaves are high levels of vitamin A, B6, C and K. It’s also high in both iron and calcium. Aside from this it also has great anti-inflammatory properties that are great for runners with swollen joints and sore muscles following the arduous 26.2 miles. Kale can be used in a slow-press juicer to extract only its juice making it ideal to add to any post-race recovery juice.

Pomegranate Seeds for recovery

Pomegranate seeds are yet another great recovery aid. A University of Texas study discovered that they’re great for speeding up recovery and reducing muscle soreness when consumed post exercise. Due to their fruity nature you can get the most out of these in a blender, smoothie maker or juicer and they’re great to add in to any recipe.

A dash of coconut oil

Coconut Oil has become extremely popular in recent times due to its natural and healthy nature. It can be of benefit to runners following a big race because it replenishes the intra muscular fatty acid stores that provide energy to the muscles and help them repair themselves. It also has anti-viral properties which will help boost your immune system following an exerting race. Add a table spoon to a range of recipes to gain the health benefits that taste great.

Drink your oats

This one is an old favourite for many runners and oats can turn a smoothie into a full on recovery meal in the space of a handful. Oats offer the slow release carbohydrates that your body will need to replenish following the London Marathon. Add a ¼ cup of oats to water and cook in the microwave for two minutes. Let them cool and throw them in your smoothie maker for an energising snack.

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