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Juicers, Blenders and Smoothie Makers

We know a lot of customers really want to get stuck in to the juicing and smoothie making lifestyle, with that in mind we have put together packages of leading juicers and blenders or smoothie makers at great deal prices. With the selections we have made you are guaranteed to get a capable, precise juicer paired with a potent robust blender to give you years of satisfying equipment use. We specialise in the best quality cold pressed juicing equipment that will delivered the best quality juices and the highest possible yield from your fruits and vegetables. We offer single auger juicers from Matstone, Greenis and Omega juicers and twin gear juicers from the Angel factory. The new breed of vertical slow juicers are in our shop by brands such as Greenis, Omega and Juiceproducer.

We also recommend buying a robust smoothie maker or blender this allows you to blend in soft fleshy produce into your juices to make them into smoothies. We offer smoothie makers and blenders by established brands such as Bartec, Blendtec and Vitamix and more. We also offer commercial juicing and smoothie making equipment to buy and to rent. We work with leading manufacturers of heavy duty juicers and blenders such as Bio Press and Angel twin gear juicer.

With a commercial juicer and blender you can enter the growth industry of home delivery cold press juice services or even open your own juice bar or raw cafe offering a range of highly nutritious freshly pressed juices and smoothies. The world has really switched on to the power of effective natural nutrition and the demand for quality, cold pressed juice cocktails has never been higher.

Juiceproducer was started in 2005 to deliver the world's best juicing equipment to health and longevity orientated people. Since our early days juiceproducer has grown to be a distributor of top brands from all over the world, our next move is to manufacture our own cold pressed commercial juicer for the now huge juice bar and raw cafe market. Since 2005 we have seen a massive adoption of juicers and smoothie makers in the UK as a great way of raising your nutrition levels through natural sources, in short, easy ways of consuming more fruits and vegetables through making fresh juices and smoothies at home.

The reason we advocate juicing and blending or smoothie making is that you are introducing more fresh produce into your diet in a format that we call low human intervention. This means un processed or food in its natural state. The simple theory is that if you pick an apple from a tree and eat it or juice it and drink it straight away it will have a great level of nutrition than apple juice in a carton or an apple that has been frozen then delivered to your local supermarket for you to buy, long after it is picked.