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Pete says:

This is a brilliant machine. The pulp that comes out is practically bone dry and it juices anything. It's really easy to use and (crucially) keep clean. I'm using mine all the time and it's having a really positive effect on my health. If you're short of time, trying to eat healthily and you don't have one of these - then you're not using technology to its full potential.


Lucaz and Aneta Pielecka sent this picture in of their daughter Hanna leading the way on all things juicy! We think its a great start for kids when they get a daily dose of natures finest flora! Well done guys, here's to you and a healthy future!

Katie, Sol's mum sent this image in of Sol cranking out the apple juice on the KT100 mk2, Katie says: We juice pretty much every day with our Juiceproducer KT100 Sol feeds the fruit and veg in and loves his daily fresh juices, a great way of getting the kids to drink healthily, its even fun!

J Mostyn from London sent in this picture of her KT100 mk1 in action Jane says: I work for a major investment bank, long hours, it can be stressful and I have an active social life after work. I honestly think diet is a critical part of maintaining this lifestyle longterm, hence I juice (nearly) everyday! The KT100 gives me what I want, cold pressed juice and a juicer that's easy to live with!

Our customer Jim sent in this colourful image of his KT100mk2 doing its job! He says: Two apples, wedge of ginger, handful of red grapes and a few carrots. One glass for me and one for the composter. An enjoyable daily routine...

Norma sent is this beautiful "still life" of her new Chrome KT100 mk2 before its first juicing task! Norma said "The juicer looks so good it makes the rest of the kitchen look bad!" Norma is a long time Juiceproducer customer and has upgraded to the new chrome finish Juiceproducer KT100 mk2

David kindly uploaded this snap of his KT100 mk2 in his kitchen! Thanks for the snap and we wish you many years of performance juicing!!

Here's a snap of Gemma B getting the juicing done before school, thanks for the snap Mrs B who says:

I have a 4 and 6 year old and usually this time of year is plagued with colds, coughs and worse, but this autumn we've been juicing 5 times a week and so far we've not had so much of a sniff - brilliant. Any mum who values uninterrupted sleep and healthy children needs one of these fantastic juicers!

Hanna's mum Aneta emailed in this update of her daughter getting twice the goodness from two straws. We reckon juicing is a great way of getting great nutrition from day one!