The Juiceproducer story

good to remember your roots, so here's the JP story in words and pictures, we've left?out the evenings spent doing the accounts because they're a bit zzzzz.....zzz

health and fitness show Olympia 05

October 2004 juiceproducer is dreamed up and the first website put up on a purely informational basis, spurred by my own juicing habit after a spell living in Australia in 2001.

April 2005 juiceproducer becomes a full time job as Mark decides to takes the plunge! We take the juiceproducer to the Sport and Fitness show in Olympia, we think we're on the right track! The site is e commerce enabled and the juicer shop opened, thanks to Katie from dashpot design

September 2005 Mark completes his diploma in nutrition from the School of Natural Health Sciences, this firms up the nutrition knowledge, it's a fascinating subject that is constantly growing. We take the JP to the Mind Body and Spirit show in the Horticultural Halls in Victoria, London, it's a great show with good feedback, the ball is rolling now.

October 2005 We're off to the Excel Centre to exhibit at the CAM expo, CAM meaning complimentary and alternative medicine, nutrition being a cornerstone of health we are in the right place, meet some great people, heath practitioners and shop owners wanting to stock our stuff!! yee har!!

Mind Body Spirit Stand, early days but we're on track! the JP machine installed at the CAM expo ...Oct 05

November 2005 for a bit of fun we're off to the Erotica show at Olympia, figuring that good nutrition makes you sexy and glowing! Pete gets stuck in massaging passers by with Omni massage products, we make friends with moodkillaz the hippest new condom brand, pump out loads of super smoothies rammed with goodness and guarana and generally help get things going. This starts off our juicebar installations and we haven't seen Pete since!!!

December 2005 the run into Christmas is mellow and we need the rest!! business is good so we cruise the month and try and teach ourselves more useful stuff! Most of our families gets healthy gifts for Christmas

January 2006 wooo!! the UK goes detox crazy at this time of year so the phone and net sales keep us busy enough!! This is health silly season and charges right on through February. 

Mark and Katie at Erotica 05 Vitality 06 Mark and some customers get juicing!!

March 2006 Now we hit the Vitality show in Olympia, it's a busy four days and we just happen to be opposite the chocolate fondue stand so lots of juice for chocolate strawberries-type horse trading happens. We simplify our stand and only take the Oscar Vitalmax juicer as we like it so much! We follow this show with Natural Products Europe a week later and talk more to the health trade! Juiceproducer also becomes a UK distributor for Oscar juicers.

April 2006 rolling on from NPE we crack on with some site work and getting the juicers out to the shops in our hometown of London, the nutritional consultations continue apace and we love this part, spreading the knowledge first hand and helping people on the right nutritional track! Most people leave us with a juicer, blender, super food, stuff from Higher Nature and books by Patrick Holford. And we get some nice letters back, so thank you!! Juiceproducer is officially 1 year old!! Do we have cake!!??!! er yes we do actually!

Mags with pleasingly empty shelvesNPE 2006

May 2006 another good month, Juiceproducer are currently having a new warehouse built and have plans to increase the product range further! Mark finally starts penning a book and there are more plans for growth!! JP also hits the road to join in with some of the county shows and operates juicebars at some festivals

July 2006 Juiceproducer is now an accredited supplier to City of London Corporation of juicers and health equipment, which is cool! The new warehouse is complete and we will be increasing our product range.

August 2006 a groovy time for all at the JP, our advertising and promo work is paying off and best still we get a lot of referrals from happy customers, truley the best way to grow! We concentrate on our online presence and buy some more domain names to launch some information exchange sites, we really want to spread the 'need to know' optimum health stuff to everyone! Look out for the new sites.

September 2006 keeping it busy here at juiceproducer once again, we bring the Matstone juicer in house offering the machine and the all important spare parts. Nice news is that we demonstrate and supply the Oscar Vitalmax and Matstone juicers to the Gerson cancer therapists here in the UK. We hit London newspapers and magazine with the advert on the left, with good results. New stuff in are more dehydrators, sprouters and the Matstone juicer upgrade kits. We also start customer of the month! Because we like hearing back from the juice fans out there! email us your photos, cool!!

October 2006! more work goes into the site and we do some work with the BBC for a feature in gardeners world! The site gets a blog so you can air your views and we put our Matstone and Oscar spares shop online. We've sat out of the shows for the rest of the year but plan a return to them in 2007 and we'll be launching a new information exchange. We start to stock citrus juicers and air filters we love our air filter because it cuts down on the hoovering!

The New and Improved 2007 Matstone!

December 2006 Another busy time as Juicers seem to be all the rage as Christmas presents! We salvage a few London husbands right up to Christmas Eve saving their bacon as they give quality juicers for presents! HEALTHY!

January 2007 Happy New Year one and all, LOTS of good intentions as people get healthy to fight back the effects of Christmas indulgence! We open our commercial juicing section and we are happy to say that the Matstone 6 in 1 juicer has been revamped to increase juice yield! Look out for the new Matstone 6 in 1 juicer with the grey auger.

February 2007 The New 2007 Matstone juicer is now with us, and a pleasant juicer it is too! Redesigned auger, screen and barrel puts juice yield up a full 10%. The team grows some more here at juiceproducer with more health expertise joining us! Looks like JP is on the move again as we've run out of room!

March 2007 Juiceproducer gets involved with the I.HUG foundation from here on in 10% of our nett profit goes to this sustainable development project. We are excited about this and selected this project as one of the founders is a friend of our here at JP Towers.

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