Our guide to the best juicers

How to select the best juicer for you

You can buy from a huge range of juicers right now not only is there a massive selection of brands and manufacturers but there is also a bewildering array of juicing technologies to choose from as well. In this guide we will cover how to select a decent juicer and critically one that will work well for your chosen application!

Manufacturers: this is the easy part as on line reviews and general reputation are built up over years and are generally deserved, good or bad. Look for warranty cover on your machine and reviews to see if they wriggle out of claims or freely supply spare parts in the case of a component failure. Juicers work hard and under considerable load so the odd breakage will happen.

On line forums and 3rd party run review sites are great for this! A well-made juicer will last for years, we have Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer owners with machines that are 14 years old still going strong so look for that!

There are some very variable quality juice extractors coming from the lower quality factories of the world at the moment, they are cheap to buy with short warranties, most are landfill in the making please avoid these as they are bad for you, and bad for the planet. Always look for a machine that you can buy spares for, if you can’t buy spares, how can the company support you with spares in the event of a problem?

Style or juicer technology: 

Centrifugal Juicers: We took the decision some time ago to simply stop selling centrifugal style juicers. They are quick but the juice they deliver is aerated in the process of making and yield tends to be behind their cold press counterparts.  We also find that centrifugal juicers tend to be more fragile than cold press juicers, performance can suffer over time as the cutting blade dulls and we just think there is a better way to make juice! That said if speed is your main concern over juice quality and yield than a decent quality centrifugal juicer would be a good choice.

Horizontal Single Auger Juicers: This style of juicer is a firm favourite, they have been around for years so have reputations that are easy to follow, offering very flexible cold press juicing makes them great all-rounders. A couple of our favourites would be the Matstone 6 in 1 juicer and the Omega 8006. These juice extractors offer the ability to handle all produce including the tricky high fibre items like kale, celery and wheat grass without problems ejecting the pulp. Also, these machines all tend to come supplied with all you need to grind, mince and homogenise too, making them very versatile. The drawback with horizontal single auger juicers is the feed tube size is restricted to the diameter of the barrel so feeding them can be slow.

Vertical Single Auger Juicers: This class of juicer offers a great deal, genuine cold press juicing combined with good size feed tubes and high quality robust machines from great manufacturers. Choose a good one and you will have a truly superb juice extractor. The cheap, low quality versions are out there but are easy to spot. The only application that the verticals can struggle with is what we call hard core health juicing, this means celery, leafy greens, and little else. If that is your application then look at the horizontal single auger juicer or the twin gears, they can handle the pulp ejection better than the vertical machines.

Twin Gear Juicers: a good twin gear like an Angel Juicer is simply the highest yielding juice extractor on the planet! Nothing comes close to the precision of the two gears rolling together. Nothing else will come close for the foreseeable future either! That said, twin gear juicers are not as user friendly or as flexible as single auger machines. So if you want to juice a large amount of home grown leafy greens or you want the best possible yield from ‘hard core health juicing’ then a twin gear is the way to go.

The winner is: for the general purpose juicing application the all-round winner is a good quality vertical slow juicer they are hard to beat, gravity assisted, cold press juicing is a really great combination. You get a robust, reliable juicer that will handle all produce including wheat grass. All with a large feed tube that gives a really useful rate of production!

For hardcore health juicing: (what we mean by that is juicing high fibre produce like celery, kale, leafy greens and root vegetables) the winner is: a good quality horizontal single auger juicer like a Matstone 6 in 1 juicer or an Omega 8006 is a really good bet because they eject pulp more easily than a vertical slow juicer. This is simply because on a horizontal style single auger juicer the pulp is pumped straight out of the front of the juicer, no bends to negotiate and no size restrictions.

The money no object winner: The Angel Twin Gear juicer is still the King of juicerworld! a superb high performance juicer that still extracts the most juice from your produce. You need a big kitchen too as this machine is large!