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The number one piece of long term health advice we have ever learned

We’ve been introducing people to juicing, smoothie making and general natural nutrition based lifestyles here at juiceproducer for over ten years now. So there are lot of things we’d like to communicate to every human on the planet about the health boosting power of raw plant nutrition and how to get more of it.

But here is our NUMBER ONE health boosting tip that you can do EASILY and CHEAPLY no matter where you live or how much space or time you have available. One of the problems we have is that we have become totally accustomed to buying in our foods. Off we go to the supermarket, we stock up on fresh fruit and veg then pack it away at home to be consumed throughout the week.

some very colourful vegetables

But how about this?

How about you make a minimal investment and start growing some leafy greens at home? Nothing difficult like hydroponically grown wheatgrass under broad spectrum lighting. Just find a space in your garden or buy some plant pots for your window ledge and grow some kale or spinach right there at home? It is easy to do and what you get is your own free leafy green generation station.

Kale is particularly brilliant and easy to grow, the plant is robust and the leaves are huge and super juicy when fresh!

Reasons To Go Green

They are alkalising, in an animal protein rich diet, they can balance things out.
They are a whole food, what that means is on their own they have such a broad range of nutrients that they can sustain life on their own. If they had an ingredients label it would be 25 cm long AND it is all in a format that your body can use.
Home grown they are vibrant, hydrated, organic and full of life when you consume them.

Think about it, at the supermarket leafy greens are pricey and the poor things have been dehydrating slowly in their temporary vented plastic bag home. While home grown greens are fresh, juicy and full of radiant life! We notice this when we juice our home grown kale the juice positively gushes out and the leaves have a weighty feel pre juicing, they’re even a darker, lusher green.

And we’ve grown them from seeds so we know they haven’t been sprayed with anything nasty. Fresh greens either eaten or juiced every day is the most powerful single tip we have for you!

From our two favourite easy grow greens, spinach is better for eating or blending while kale lends itself to juicing as well.

For indoor growing you will need

Some decent sized plant pots
A mix of soil and compost
 watering device, we just use a sports style water bottle to squirt the water into the centre of the pot
Seeds, we buy ours online
Some sunshine coming through the window!

market table stocked with vegetables

For outdoor growing you will need

A green house is best and allows year round growing
If you plant outside then you’ll need to net your leafy greens off to prevent butterfly and slug attack
Seeds, we buy ours online

For mass production a propagator and seeding tray is handy but if you grow kale you only need three or four established plants and they will churn out enough leaves for a family of four to have fresh, organic greens DAILY!

Infact, kale can get so big so quickly that you may have to either move it outside or start new plants every year or two!

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The Best Health Advice We Can Give
This is the single most effective piece of health advice we have learned in over ten years of introducing people to a high nutrition low calorie lifestyle

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