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Some really rather chilling news from the UK about sugar consumption.

That is the rather concerning news coming out of Public Health England today, 4th January 2016. It is very pleasing to hear that the government of the UK are taking this issue seriously and are raising public awareness of the considerable damage long term sugar consumption can cause. I remember the day that I learned that sugar is simply a nutrient void, high calorie stimulant that has no place in our diet. 

I was staggered, particularly when I considered the confusion surrounding sugar and it’s prevalence in manufactured foodstuffs. Put simply, refined sugar is everywhere and it is a case of taking back control of sugar consumption through awareness. 

Here are a few hints and tips from the juiceproducer staff:

Food manufacturers are required to list ingredients in order of proportion with the largest first, we would suggest that if sugar is in the first three ingredients, you can think of the product as high in sugar.

Cut refined sugar out of your diet as soon as you can, you’ll find your palate will re-educate itself and adjust to the lack of sugar by letting all the great natural tastes through.

Learn a few of the other names for sugar and be wary of them, agave nectar, glucose solids, syrups, etc and particularly any ingredient including the word ‘invert’ or ‘inverted.’ 

If you are lucky enough to have kids, it is natural that they want sweets and other such foods, but try and regulate their intake. We are hardwired to be attracted to sweet foods as they promise a burst of energy. And sweets are so attractively packaged, but refined sugar rich products are omni present now and it can be the start of a life long addiction to sugar rich foods and the health problems they can cause.

Encourage control as early as you can by educating your kids about the difference between a sweet tasting apple and a item of confectionary. A good diet can be the foundation to a long, healthy and productive life, whereas a low quality diet can undermine all elements of the human experience.

I still remember being told that ‘some people just need two sugars in their tea’ current knowledge would suggest the complete opposite. Good luck with reducing your sugar intake, it will be hard to break the cravings but your body will thank you for it in many ways.

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UK Kids Eating Too Much Sugar
The UK government published some alarming news recently, these are our thoughts on the problem and how important it is to regulate sugar consumption

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