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A bit about us if we could, we are a small band of hardworking health orientated people who want to harness the best that mummy nature has to offer and deliver it to you, the like minded people.

Juiceproducer LTD is a Dorset based enterprise, we are constantly on the lookout for investors, new suppliers and retailers of high quality health goods. Get in touch, if only to say hi! Read more about shopping with us here

It's our mission here at juiceproducer to make the UK a healthier place, through common sense health initiatives, raw food and live juice consumption. We want to make the UK a healthier place to live!!! We hope our customers get more juice out of life!

We get out and about to school, colleges and pretty much anywhere that'll have us talking about the benefits of a naturally health diet!

Postal Address

Juiceproducer LTD
128 Parkwood rd,
BH5 2BN.

Phone 01202 465139

Holiday Opening Hours

Juiceproducer is open through out Christmas and New Year, though deliveries may take slightly longer than normal between the 20th December and 2nd January.

We have the tried and tested Matstone 6 in 1 juicer, a super solid single auger juicer often seen in juice bars and cafes churning out the wheat grass shots.  We distribute the Matstone 6 in 1 juicer here in the UK so have all the Matstone juicer spares and the new Advance Matstone juicer.

We are an Angel Twin Gear juicer distributor and service centre so we can offer great back up for this complicated and superb stainless steel twin gear juicer. The Angel juicer is still the juicer than all the rest are measured against. The massive stainless steel gears make the Angel the most precise and top yielding juicer we know of. Give the Angel juicer the pulp from ANY other juicer and it will squeeze out some more juice! Be warned though, the Angel is over half a metre long! A beast of a juicer and not for everyone!

BarTec Commercial Blenders or smoothie makers make a range of super robust professional or commercial smoothie makers or blenders. A blender is the same as a smoothie maker! They’re the same tool! Just to clear that one up. BarTec are made for the harsh demanding restaurant, café and juice bar environment. This makes them perfectly cable of handling the raw food or health enthusiast marketplace. We personally have a BarTec 435 smoothie maker in the office and its never let us down! Monster power at 1500 watts and a 2 litre jug. We also distribute the BarTec range and have all the knowledge and spare parts to keep your blender running smoothie-ly. Pardon the pun!

We know a lot of customers really want to get stuck in to the juicing and smoothie making lifestyle, with that in mind we have put together packages of leading juicers and blenders or smoothie makers at great deal prices. With the selections we have made you are guaranteed to get a capable, precise juicer paired with a potent robust blender to give you years of satisfying equipment use.

At www.juiceproducer.com we don’t offer any product that has a low warranty period or short life expectancy, we’re just not interested in low quality juicers delivering a low quality experience. Its rubbish for you the customer and disastrous for our home planet, Earth. So browse the site, you’ll only see chunky kit with even chunkier warranty periods.

We also repair, service and generally fully support everything that we sell so your juicer or blender or other health giving appliance just goes on and on. We also fully subscribe to and support the WEEE scheme and properly re-cycle any machine that cannot be repaired. Read more about this and other measures we take here on our environmental credentials page.

Nutrient rich juices and smoothies isn’t the whole picture, so we offer fresh water filters that can simply and easily treat your drinking water supply. These filters are so easy to use it’s remarkable. They have a top and bottom half separated by the active filter units, you fill the top half with water and gravity does the work for you. Once the bottom half is full, you know you have filtered water ready to be drawn off the tap at the bottom of the unit. No wires, no plumbing, no rummaging around under the sink with a spanner!

Our next brand is Greenis, a relative new comer to the health appliance zone but we bench test and use any and every new machine that we are offered by the world’s most responsible factories. We have a very high standard that needs to be met before we will offer an appliance for sale and more importantly put our name and local UK warranty back up to it. Naturally we want you to have a great juicer, but selling flimsy equipment would have us facing ruin! So we really examine everything that comes our way over a long period of time before it hits our site and retailer network.

The Greenis juicers and blenders have really come a long way in a
short amount of time, we are totally happy with the F-9010 vertical slow juicer and can say with very intimate knowledge of the machine, from the switch gear to the auger its all class. And its great for us to be able to offer a high quality low rpm cold press juicer at a really attractive retail price. With the Greenis juicers and blenders we offer we are a service centre and spares outlet too, to keep the juices coming.

For anyone who is familiar with the Lanes shopping area in Brighton, you’ll know this name already, the super-cool Guarana Bar has been a health fan’s focal point in Brighton for years. Offering juices, smoothies, super foods and healthy snacks and meals, the Guarana Bar is a truly unique experience. As their name may indicate Guarana is their speciality but alongside guarana products they created the excellent juice and smoothies booster “Keane’s Greens” a heavily alkalising super food greens complex that we whole heartedly recommend as a simple way to turbo charge your juices and smoothies and as a great way of topping up nutrition while you are on the go.

Hurom were the pioneers of the vertical slow juicer, back in 2009 the first vertical slow juicer arrived at Juiceproducer HQ and we all instinctively knew that this juicer represented the future of high quality cold press home juicers. Since then more manufacturers have offered vertical slow juicers but Hurom keep innovating offering more and more impressive juicers. It is really a great time to invest in a juicer as the amazing slow juicers that we have now are just light years ahead of the types of juicer we had before the vertical slow juicing ‘revolution’

Jason “The Juicemaster” Vale is the super cheery lead cheerleader for the juicing and healthy eating movement here in the UK. His mega motivating style and gift for communication has assisted tens or hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of people in the UK and world wide to pack in the junk food and embrace natural food principles. The Juicemaster’s range of books, dvd and applications have provided motivation for the masses to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. 

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